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Story of Nora Clench

Story of Nora Clench


A young violinist, Nora Clench (1867–1938), was born in St. Marys and spent her early years at Riverside, a home built by her father, Leon Clench.

By the time she was 12, she was performing throughout southern Ontario.

A musical prodigy, Nora inspired great love and admiration during her extraordinary life.

At 17, she went to study in Leipzig,Germany. She then began a remarkable career as a concert violinist, eventually establishing her own string quartet in London, England.

Nora’s visits home became infrequent, especially when she married an Australian artist and settled there.

Still, St. Marys has not forgotten Nora Clench. A plaque commemorating her has been placed across the road from 96 Robinson Street, her childhood home.

Photographs of Nora Clench are from the collection of the St. Marys Museum.

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